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We have two monthly updates:

Suburb Ups and Downs Report – our monthly report of the price movement in the market at the suburb level by houses and units.

In Data We Trust – our head of research – Jeremy Sheppard’s latest read on what trends he’s seeing in the data to give you an edge on your competition.

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Suburb Ups & Downs Report

The Suburb Ups and Downs Report showcases our latest data insights in the residential property market. It is designed to give you more coverage in terms of property price movements. It’s all well and good to know that prices are up or down in a city or a state, but what’s happening under that layer of information?

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Suburb Ups & Downs Report

The table shows the count and percentage of property markets from around Australia that had positive recent growth versus those that had negative recent growth. The counts are split into houses, units and both combined.

In Data We Trust

In data we trust is our monthly investigation into property data that matters – separating intelligent observations and insights from the generic property commentary out there.  It’s more important than ever to go back to the data and understand what’s really happening in the property market rather than being spooked by the media headlines. Our goal is to help you unpack the numbers and provide you with reliable data and charts that are not commonly available elsewhere. 

Where are the Hot Suburbs?

NSW has the largest number of top growth markets in the country. Sydney alone has 53 of the top 250. But the Canberra – Queanbeyan area has the highest concentration of hot suburbs with 51. The prior diagram shows the split up of the top 250 into each area. The top right of the chart shows the area with the most...

End of Days

It doesn’t look like the property market is going to be sucked into a black hole. In fact, there are signs of a spending spree ahead. In particular, selling times are falling. At SRP, when a property is first listed for sale, we make a note of the date. Later, when it sells, we measure how long it took. This is the “Days on Market” or DOM...

Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Hotspot Clusters

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In this month’s #InDataWeTrust newsletter, we wanted to explore the diversity of capital growth potential in our 3 biggest cities (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane), highlighting how important it is to choose the right suburb, even if you’ve picked the right city...