Top 50 Cities Property Report​ ​

Our Top 50 Cities Property Report – measures and scores the demand vs. supply across our 50 biggest cities in Australia, by population size.

This monthly publication will assist its reader in understanding changing property trends in the property markets that count.




With historical trend data dating back 3 years, you can read the changing demand cycles to help you better ‘select and time’ your property purchases.

The Market Tracker Graph show scores in 5 different gradings (Danger / Caution / Maybe / Good / Excellent)

The Market Spread Graph shows the percentage of suburbs within that city for which grading is (Danger / Caution / Maybe / Good / Excellent).  The higher the spread lying in the Good and Excellent grades, the better.

You don’t want to buy into a certain city and wait forever to see capital growth arrive.  A great cost-effective report designed to showcase what cities offer the best short-term prospects for capital growth.