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Select offers several research solutions for the Do-it-Yourself budding property buyer and or pending seller, with price points to match.

Using the market leading Supply and Demand algorithm to detect
future capital growth (Demand to Supply Ratio), Select has designed a suite of complementary tools for you to conduct your
property research to make data-driven intelligent decisions.

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Growth Prediction Tool

Want to find out what our data intelligence is forecasting about future capital growth for a suburb? is a very cost-effective research tool that predicts the future growth for houses or units in thousands of suburbs across Australia. It provides 1, 2 and 3 year predictions, based on our demand and supply data.

When closing in on your best short-list of suburbs to make a final selection, this is when you turn to to run your capital growth prediction reports. The insights you get from these reports should make that final buying decision a lot easier.

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Simple to use, great location selection tool.

You have a difficult decision to make, possibly overwhelming, “where to buy”? There are thousands of suburbs to choose from.

It’s only logical you need help to get it right. does all the heavy lifting in sorting great suburbs from not so great suburbs.

No longer will you need weeks to collect, analyse and interpret suburb data to assess each suburb’s pros and cons. This research tool gives you a fast-track option to find the suburbs with the best prospects for future capital growth.

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Time to get serious.

The DSR Data platform is Select’s premier product. It’s built and used by serious property players. All the data is at your finger-tips to find the very best locations across Australia for strong capital growth in the next few years.

You can filter thousands of suburbs Australia-wide by price range, selling speed, vacancy and many more metrics. You can sort contenders by growth potential, yield or stock on market. You can drill deep into the supply and demand history to compare the best from the rest.

Some of the most recognised and research-driven property businesses in Australia use this tool on a daily basis.

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Is it time to sell?

It’s a huge decision. On one side there are big costs with selling. On the other hand, you don’t want to be left with a lemon.

Guess-work simply won’t cut it. You need serious and clever analysis. Sell or Hold helps in 2 ways: it calculates and it forecasts.

How much does your property cost you each year? How much will it grow? How much will it cost to sell? How much will you have in your pocket after? And most importantly, will you be better off selling or holding?

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