General Knowledge

Statistical Versus Fundamental Research

Worst Financial Advice

I read a blog titled, “The 6 biggest property investment myths”. You won’t believe the rubbish it was filled with. The introduction was ironic… “Misinformation can stop your property portfolio in its tracks. Make yourself aware of the most common investment myths to separate fact from fiction.”
Mask of property spruikers

How to Counter Property Spruikers – Educators

Property spruikers may take a number of forms, disguising themselves as professionals in the industry to gain trust despite having a vested interest. The common forms they mimic consist of: Real Estate Agents, Property Educators and Property Developers...
Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is not God

He is a human that makes mistakes like the rest of us. I know this will outrage some of his believers. So this blog is not for them. It is for those who have learnt to think for themselves rather than follow like sheep. A lot of investors take what Buffet says to be gospel, to be unquestionable. But property investors need to remember that...
houses map

Murphy Report Supply and Affordability Bunkum

Increasing housing supply won't improve affordability, a recent report suggests. In fact...

No Such Thing As Too Hot

In order to witness price change, time must pass. Since property is a slow moving beast, looking at changes from one month to the next is...
Demographic Deceptions

Demographic Deceptions

You may have heard, "Don't buy units in a suburb dominated by big families". It sounds wise but is misleading.