High Growth Location Selection Research

Overwhelmed with the prospect of deciding on a location to buy a property, why not engage the Creator of the Demand to Supply Ratio (DSR), Jeremy Sheppard. Jeremy is one of Australia’s best property research experts in finding high capital growth locations, using data rich insights. Based on your specific requirements, you can put Jeremy to work for you to initially find you a short list of 5 potential locations for assessment, before a further collaborative assessment and deep dive into the researched data to pinpoint the final suburb and property type recommendation. Here is an overview of the service provided:
Step 1 – Free Appointment: Arrange a free, no obligation appointment with Jeremy to discuss your property buying objective and end goal. Items/Areas covered at this meeting:
  • Introductions
  • Assess what you want to achieve
  • Possible discussion on what’s holding you back
  • Document your ‘Buyers Brief’
    • Price Point/Range
    • Product Preference (House or Unit)
    • Any Yield Considerations
    • Any Geographic Considerations
    • Any value-add outcomes you wish to satisfy (E.g., Renovation or Sub-division potential)
    • Land Tax Considerations
    • Stamp Duty Considerations
    • Short- or Long-Term hold plans
    • Other information you think important to this research assignment
  • Discuss what’s included and what’s not included in the scope of research work
Step 2 – Based on your initial conversation and our proposition of being able to deliver on your requirements, it’s decision time. Time to engage one of Australia’s best property data analysts and put him to work exclusively for you to discover the top growth locations so you can move forward on your buying journey.
Step 3 – Buyers Brief: Based on the ‘Buyers Brief’ information Jeremy collected at this initial appointment, he will undertake the data queries and research analysis work to identify a short list of 5 potential buying locations. Once this information is gathered and collated, you will be sent this research material for your consideration before your next meeting with Jeremy. Preliminary Research Material per location include:
  • Supply and Demand Heat Maps,
  • Demand and Supply Market Appraisal data insights
  • Example of 2 recent sales in price range brief
  • Other relevant data deemed useful for assessment
Step 4 – Location Short List Meeting: Meet with Jeremy to decide on final buying location. Come prepared to review this preliminary assessment information you have been provided. In this meeting you will discuss these 5 locations in detail, taking a deep dive Q&A approach to bring you to a final location selection.
Step 5 – Selection Summary dispatch: Post meeting ‘Selection Summary’ document highlighting how the final decision was forthcoming from firstly the data analysis undertaken and secondly the subsequent review of this data leading to the location selection result. Service Fee: On Application, remembering the initial appointment is at no charge to you even if you don’t engage Jeremy’s services How to Book an Appointment: Simply contact us via our support team here, and we will co-ordinate your appointment with you.
Contact our team to organise a date and time to connect and review your requirements and explore how Select can provide you the ‘edge’ you are looking for.

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