Business Advisory Services

We all know what separates good decisions from bad ones – reliable data and the right interpretation of that data.
Our corporate offerings respond to your business needs with insights and discoveries that give you an advantage over your competition. Imagine having access to selective data and our research experts that inform you and your customers of the opportunity behind the numbers.

Lead by our head of research, Jeremy Sheppard, we can collaborate with you to identify your needs and serve up a one-off or regular solution designed to help showcase your competitive advantage in the market. Whether you’re selling or buying real estate, developing, financing, or any other residential property service, Select’s Business Advisory Services is designed to help your business succeed.

Our Business and Data Advisory services include:

  • API connecting into our multiple datasets
  • Research Consulting Services
  • Tailored report development and delivery
  • Property or Portfolio Reviews, including ‘Sell or Hold’ analysis and recommendations
  • Property Demand & Supply Analysis
  • Capital Growth Forecasting

Our role is to help you and help your business to serve your clients by making more informed and intelligent decisions, around future performance, opportunity cost and risk mitigation scenarios.

Businesses we serve:

  • Real Estate – Selling Agents & Buyers Agents
  • Banks
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Accountants
  • Financial Planners
  • Superannuation / Fund Managers
  • Builders / Developers
  • Property Professionals
  • SMSF & Professional Investors

Contact our team to organise a date and time to connect and review your requirements and explore how Select can provide you the ‘edge’ you are looking for.